Why Use a Wardrobe Consultant vs. Stylist at Department Store

Oftentimes, people confuse wardrobe consultants and stylists. When someone is in the store trying to find clothes, they might be approached by a wardrobe consultant or stylist with the goal of helping them make their decision. In this article, we will break down what wardrobe consultants and stylists do so you can decide which one is best for your needs!

1. A wardrobe consultant is a professional who will help you figure out what clothes to keep and what clothes to get rid of.

  • They are not in store to help you try clothes on, they are there to give feedback and advice.
  • Wardrobe consultants can be found at department stores as well as sometimes specialty boutiques or clothing stores.
  • Wardrobe consultants take into account your body type, lifestyle choices (like what level of activity do you participate in), preferences when it

2. Many department stores offer free in-store stylists, but they only have an hour or two with you and are not always the most knowledgeable about fashion trends

  • Free in-store styling can be hit or miss.
  • Stylists at department stores are either there to help you try clothes on or they’re wardrobe consultants.
  • Wardrobe consultants give feedback and advice about what should be kept, how the clothing should be styled, as well as what new items might work for your wardrobe
  • Style advisors can also offer a more personalized experience by taking an hour with them where they’ll go through all of your current wardrobe choices in detail.
  • They will then help plan out outfits for upcoming weeks that allow you to keep wearing some of the old favorites while incorporating new pieces into your wardrobe – without overspending!
  • Stylists at department stores do not typically have any fashion design background or training beyond their personal stylist experience.

3. Wardrobe consultants come from all different backgrounds – some major in fashion design while others may be former retail associates

  • Having a wardrobe consultant can help you stay in the wardrobe budget and get wear out of wardrobe pieces.
  • Wardrobe consultants are available for one-hour appointments that can last up to three hours depending on your goals and needs, while department store stylists typically offer 15-minute sessions.
  • Stylists at department stores do not typically have any fashion design background or training beyond their personal style experience – they may dress the mannequins but don’t bring much more than an eye for color when it comes to giving advice about what will look good with your coloring and body type.
  • They’re often selected because they fit a certain “look” based on how closely they adhere to current trends, which means there’s no guarantee that whatever is trendy this season might be flattering for you if you.

4. A wardrobe consultant can teach you how to dress for your body type, which colors work best on your skin tone, and how to mix patterns (or not) 

  • Knowing how to dress for your body type and wearing a wardrobe that flatters you is an investment in longevity.
  • Wardrobe consultants can teach dressing for the body type, colors work best skin tone, mix patterns (or not) – knowing how to dress for your own personal style & wearing a wardrobe that compliments create longevity of appearance.

5. The cost varies depending on the level of service that is needed – it could range from $50-$150 per hour

  • The cost for a wardrobe consultant varies depending on the level of service needed, it could range from $50-$150 per hour.
  • The wardrobe consultant will come to your home or office and review both what you wear now as well as what is in your wardrobe storage closet.
  • They’ll take photos and measurements for your clothes, document any details about where they were purchased and how much was paid for each item.
  • Wardrobe consultants are experienced professionals who can help dress professionally without spending a fortune!

6. Consultants typically charge by project instead of hourly because it takes a lot more time than just one appointment at a store

  • Pricing depends on skill level of stylist, shopping budget and number of appointments required.
  • They also have more limitations because they work with a limited selection from store inventory. It can be faster but typically you’ll pay much more than if you do it yourself!
  • Some retailers will offer discounts for buying multiple items during the visit.

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