What To Wear With Flare Leggings

What top goes with flared leggings?

Pair them with similar aughts fashion trends like a crop top, cardigan, or a layered look with an oversized sweatshirt. Or, you can pair them for a night out by adding a more structured piece on-top like a fitted blouse or oversized blazer.

Are flare leggings in Style 2022?

Thanks to the rise of Y2K, flared leggings are firmly in the mainstream again, remixed with new details (like crossover waistbands and inclusive size runs) that feel more 2022 than 2002.

What kind of tops look good with flare pants?

A crisp white top works well with these flared pants, and if you want to make it a touch edgier for going out at nighttime, you can toss on a leather jacket as well. 2. Go for all denim. Wear a black tee and pair a denim jacket with your flared jeans for a cool, all-denim ensemble.

Are flare leggings flattering?

Unlike a wide-leg pant, flared pants hug through the thighs and taper out increasingly from knee to ankle. They work great over ankle boots and also visually elongate the leg by drawing the eye vertically, making them super flattering, no matter your shape.

What do you wear with 2022 flares?

Wear your flares with stacked boots or flat slides for a ’90s-inspired look. When baggy jeans feel too low-key for a more formal get-together, a flared cut with a statement party top strikes the perfect balance. For an edgier update, go for a looser flared shape in a dark wash.

Are flared pants in Style 2022?

Originally worn as part of the US naval uniform, flares hit the big-time in the late 1960s and 1970s – but they’re having a revival for 2022, and we’re not mad about it.

How do you wear 2022 leggings?

Style with a long shirt.

For a dressy leggings look, style a pair of faux-leather leggings with a button-down shirt, blazer, and high heels, booties, or loafers. In the winter, you can wear knee-high boots over your leggings and wear a cardigan over your long top.

What trends are coming back in 2022?

Ultra-Baggy Denim. Balenciaga cotton baggy jeans. …
Leather Jackets: The Epitome of Cool. …
Punk Prep. …
Saturated and Strokable Knits. …
Bigger, Better Bomber Jackets. …
The White-Tank-and-Blue-Jean Formula. …
Floor-Skimming Hemlines. …
Tailored Waistcoats.

Are leggings still in style for spring 2022?

Yes, leggings are still in style for 2022 and even going into 2023. They’re one of those wardrobe essentials that can always be styled to be in style.

What body type do flares suit?

Flares look great on pear and hourglass shapes. Petite Tip: Look for the right inseam for you! You’ll want something that grazes the floor and doesn’t’ overwhelm your frame.

What kind of shirt looks best with flare jeans?

A Blazer.
A Blouse.
A Wool Coat.
A Leather Jacket.
A Sweatshirt.
A Button-down Shirt.
A Turtleneck.
A Plaid Shirt.

What tops to wear with wide leg jeans?

Simple Tops

For a comfortable and stylish look, wear your wide leg jeans with a plain top or t-shirt. To enhance the overall style, wear a belt or some accessories. Wide leg jeans can also be worn with strapless crop tops for a more glam look.

How do you style flared pants?

How can you dress up flared trousers? Flared trousers can look really smart when styled up with a killer pair of heels. Monogrammed pointed slingbacks are our current obsession, but you could also opt for a luxe belt, like a vintage designer chain piece that will elevate the trouser trend twofold.

Are flared leggings the same as yoga pants?

The Gen-Z/Tik-Tok generation who are just discovering “yoga pants” might call them “flared leggings,” but you can trust that they are basically the same thing, just reimagined for 2020.

What shoes go with bell bottom leggings?

Banded Mini-Heel Sandals.
Flat Thong Sandals.
Black Platforms.
Chunky Wooden Heel.
Cheetah Print.

What shirts go with wide leg pants?

Tank Top. Top Wide leg pants are generally easier to pair with high-waist items, like a fitted tank top in several colors. …
Crop Top. …
Corset Top. …
T-shirt. …
Tie-front Shirt. …
Turtleneck Sweater. …
Chunky Knit Sweater (or Sweater-vest) …
Short-sleeved Shirts.

What tops to wear with bell bottom jeans?

An open button-down shirt is a great layering piece—it works for a day at the office or a night out and definitely pairs well with bell bottom jeans. Keep the shirt under the button down simple and play the look up with layered jewelry.

What shoes go with bell bottom leggings?

Banded Mini-Heel Sandals.
Flat Thong Sandals.
Black Platforms.
Chunky Wooden Heel.
Cheetah Print.

When were flared leggings popular?

Flares never really took off until the mid-60s. Sonny and Cher, seen here in June 1965, helped popularise the look in the US through their TV appearances. It is a misconception to think that all late-60s hippies wore flares. Those who wore clothes favoured a straight-leg trouser.

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